What a Whatknot can do for you and the healing properties of Gemstones

So, what's in a Whatknot anyways? Our beaded necklaces are made up of 5 different semi-precious gemstones: amazonite, labradorite, tigereye, agate, and sodalite. It is said that these stones have their own unique healing properties that one can absorb by either wearing or keeping the stones close. Take it for what it is or think twice about which Whatknot Beaded Necklace you choose. 



amazonite stone

Like the Amazon River with it's rushing waters think of Amazonite as a shower for your soul. Think clarity of mind, truth, and chill vibes.



sodaliteSalty like sodium and as blue as the sea. Sodalite is thought to boost intuition and promote rational thought. Sounds like a necklace in support of Summer Fridays.






Use Labradorite to reawaken your spirit. This stone helps you transition through change and helps you to balance your soul.




Are you constantly daydreaming about something you would never dare to do? Kitesurfing in Central America or perhaps cliff jumping off the coast of Maine? Tiger eye will set those fears free. Don't be an escapist, actually escape. 



agateI should be wrapping myself in agate at work. It helps to enhance mental function and improves concentration. It also stabilizes your soul to help guard against negativity and tension.






So, why knot try a Whatknot to help you balance your day and inspire your mind? 













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