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So, I'm not going to pretend like I know a thing about wine. If I'm being totally honest, whilst shopping for a bottle of wine the first thing that usually attracts me to something new is the label. It's a good portion of my adoration for the bottle shown above (plus, I'm a sucker for the sea). 

I had dinner at Sycamore, a delicious Newton bistro, over the weekend and was served Beck Ink alongside my meal. If you want the winter warmth you get from a great glass of red but a little reminder of summer as well, this is the wine for you. FYI, I posted a Salmon recipe last week that this would be the perfect pairing for,

I'm not going to over analyze my taste buds but instead copy and paste the description of Beck Ink red wine from the VOS Selections website for you below. If you'd like more information about the Austrian-based producer, click HERE.

Country: Austria
Region: Buregnland
Producer: Judith Beck
Size: 750mL
Style: Red
Practice: Biodynamic
Grapes: St Laurent, Zweigelt

Judith Beck launched her INK in 2014. It is a fresh, juicy, vibrant and delicious blend of 80% Zweigelt and 20% St. Laurent. She chooses the most forward and expressive batches from the Zweigelt and St. Laurent harvest for the INK. Beck picks all of the fruit by hand and sorts the grapes in the vineyard and at the winery before de-stemming. Fermentation occurs spontaneously, triggered only by the grapes’ native yeasts, in stainless steel tanks. Beck circulates the fermenting juice over the cap of grape skins twice per day for the first 10 days to attain a balanced level of extraction. The young wine is then racked off its skins and moved into 1000-2000 liter, neutral acacia wood casks for two months where the wine completes its malolactic fermentation. It is then transferred to neutral 500 and 1000 litre casks for 8-10 months of aging. The 2 varieties are assembled and bottled in September before the next harvest. 12.5% Alcohol.

Thank you to VOS Selections for this information. 


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