How Training with PrimeFit Can Benefit You

Today, there is little doubt that the senior years really can be the prime of your life.  It is possible to be more active and healthier than it ever has been before.  PrimeFit offers fitness programs that are customizable to meet your needs and abilities.  Exercise reduces stress, promotes strength, and even improves mood, thanks to a boost in endorphins in the brain.

With a wide variety of exercises, equipment, and approaches, PrimeFit will set you up with a regimen that is just as much fun as it is beneficial.  Seniors who engage in a fitness program are able to develop their strength, balance, and mental focus to avoid falls and decrease pain.  We work right with you to help you develop your technique and to stick with the program.

Starting a fitness program can be a little confusing.  Our experience means that we know how to help you make the best choices for your health.  We keep things fun and interesting and offer support and encouragement along the way.

Lifelong Results

Implementing a fitness program not only gives you more energy now, but it promotes better health in the future.  You are putting yourself on the path to long-term health and vitality.  Strength training can stop bone loss, decreasing the likelihood of fractures.  Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and improves brain function.  Even recreational sports offer the opportunity for new friendships and lots of fun.  Fitness improves the overall quality of life, and we can get you started on a program that fits your interests and abilities.

Custom Tailored Training

Are you looking for an intense workout or something more low impact?  PrimeFit can provide either, with just about every level in between.  From balance to core strength to building muscle and protecting bones, your program is designed to promote your health now and in the future.

Seniors have specific needs, whether they’re in tip-top shape or are suffering from chronic health conditions or injuries.  Our trained professional staff takes your needs into consideration, resulting in a program that fits your lifestyle and interests.

Achieving Your Personal Fitness Goals Just Got Easier

You can have your own personal fitness program, and you can stick with it.  Our approach provides the support and motivation you want, coupled with the exercises and lifestyle changes you need.  


Age-Appropriate Interval Training

Healthy Lifestyle